After months of researching which Cat breeds suited families with young children the best, we settled on the Ragdoll. I spent weeks trolling through sites such as Preloved and Pets4Homes before finding a breeder that I thought was a perfect fit for us.

We contacted them and were ecstatic to hear that a litter was due and we reserved a Kitten! We were so excited at the prospect of finally owning a Cat. Something that was very new to me. I've only ever owned one Cat in my life and he was called Blue.

Blue was a naughty Kitten who had taken to clawing out the black foam that keeps your windows insulted. My mother decided enough was enough and rehomed Blue to my auntie. Unfortunately, he didn't last long with my Auntie as he decided he would much rather live on his own. He went out and never came back.. Or so that's what my Mum told me!

Anyway, Kyle had owned a stray cat named Puddy. He was a loving Stray who would follow Kyle's sister home after School. They slowly began to 'adopt' him and he moved in with them. They had him for around 6 years when the builders came to fit the Kitchen for Kyle's parents. We think something happened with the builders as Puddy was never fond of coming back into the house after that. Did they hurt him? Who knows, but Puddy decided to move out. He then resided in the care home across the street from where Kyle's parents lived. The Elderly folk there adored him! Kyle didn't know about this until he actually got a job at said Care Home and discovered Puddy curled up in an elderly man's lap!

Anyway, moral of that story is... well, there isn't one? I've just never had a real encounter with owning a Cat and now was the time.

I received a message from the Breeder telling us that the litter had been miscarried. We were DEVASTATED. This was something that couldn't of been avoided. It was meant to happen, and so it did. We then jumped back onto the net and searched for a new litter of Kittens.

Then we found them. The perfect, fluffiest Kittens.

I jumped in my car and drove us 20 miles to Sheffield where we met a lovely woman and her kittens. She had around 3 sets of Kittens to chose between, but we went with the eldest of the lot. Which... included Astrid! The breeder told us that she had the perfect companion for us. One that had stood out from the rest. A Kitten that would curl up in her lap whilst she watched the evening soaps. I knew instantly that she was the one we would be taking home that day. Isn't she adorable?

Astrid said her goodbyes to her owner and her Mum. It was kinda emotional knowing she'd never see her mum again. Her Mum was a majestic Seal Ragdoll. I'm curious to see if Astrid looks like that when she's older!

We popped her into a blanket and ran back to our car. Next stop, Lizzie & Joel's. We'd previously told them to prepare for cuteness (they knew we were picking up a Kitten). They were amazed at how cute she was. Even Buddy came and had a sniff! I put Astrid on the floor and her first port of call? She ran under Lizzie and Joel's Sofa Bed. An extremely HEAVY Sofa bed may I add. So we spent a good 10 minutes trying to coax her out with Cat treats before we gave in and had to lift up the sofa to rescue her. My friend Joe took lots of photos of Astrid and the results were amazing!

So yes, we got a Kitten and she's the best thing ever. I am now 100% a Cat person. They're just so easy, and come toilet trained! I LOVE THEM. I can totally see myself becoming a crazy cat lady and owning 100 though.. Please don't let that happen...

See 'We Got a Kitten' for the vlog of that day.

It was time. Download 2017 had finally come. After a year of excitement and anticipation, we were finally about to set off.


We embarked on our journey in my trusty VW Polo and hit KFC at the services on the way down. Last year started with blazing sun, excited gatherers and our lack of sun lotion. Download Festival is usually known for it's rain and submerged camps, thus the nickname 'Drownload' but oh boy were we shook. It was BOILING!

A festival routine as it seems, is to instantly go and watch Five Finger Death Punch as they're always on pretty early on the main stages of both Leeds and Download. They are superb and put in 100% effort every time. I absolutely adore Ivan, so I think I'm a tad bit biased. He's like the Dad we all wished we had.

After that we headed to the Merch stand. Download has 3 stands so it's always easy to go and lineup to get your favourite band merchandise OR Download Merch. They have a wonderful selection. This time I went for a Download Dog plush. Oh boy, he's adorable.

Image result for download festival map 2017

I also wanted to get my photograph in front of the giant Download Dog Head Statue, but unfortunately it was VERY popular amongst everyone and I'm too awkward to butt in front of people watching their fave band play. Maybe next year eh?

The most amazing part of chilling out on the grass is watching the planes go past ahead. They're so low it feels like you can almost touch them. This is due to the airport being literally next to the Fest itself. We sat on the grass and watched Cypress Hill from a distance. They played 'Insane in the membrane' and it was amazing! SUCH A BOP AMIRITE?

Ohmygosh, the festival food is just THE BEST. We had wood fire Pizza and Hot Chocolates. Ya gotta treat yo'self when you're out in a field all day, right? Seriously, all diets went out of the window that day.

Then it was time for SOAD. I wanted to get to the front so bad but I'm legit too small and would get crushed. So we stood to the side with a family of around 5. The parents were in their 40's and they were drunk, it was the funniest thing. Their kids were NOT impressed at their dancing. I also witnessed someone pee into a bottle, drop it, and a passer by pick it up and hand it to the original owner thinking it was a drink they accidentally dropped... oh gosh, the memories... my poor eyes!

We sung our hearts out to SOAD and danced like morons, but that's what festivals are for. To say it was 10pm and a field in Donington, it was surprisingly warm. I honestly enjoyed that day so much. The parking and access to and from the car parks were great and we were out in less than 10 minutes. They'd completely re-arranged Download, and it worked! The layout was amazing compared to the previous years.

See Download Day 1 for the vlog of our Friday

We started off Saturday donning beautiful bright Bandannas, it's the only time it's really acceptable to wear them. I was super excited for Saturday because this was the day we got to watch NXT, and new wrestling fans we were READY. Creeper were the first band we saw that day, truly fantastic band. They gathered up quite a crowd, and everyone seemed to be a dedicated fan as they knew every lyric! Props to Creeper for having such a cool fan base.

Off we popped to the Impericon tent. Impericon are a clothing site that sells Alt clothing and also band merchandise. We were hoping to find some inspiration for future looks, although we do tend to buy everything online, but it doesn't hurt to look! The merch tents at Download are some of the best, especially for kooky hats, shirts, you name it!

Next band to see on the list were Alestorm. A funky Pirate themed Band which unfortunately, don't dress up as Pirates. In my dreams! They were super fun to watch live. We've been wanting to see them for a long time and find ourselves giggling every time we sing their lyrics. I honestly recommend watching some of their music videos, you're in for a wild time!

Then to see NXT Live. We'd never watched wrestling live so it was great to see some moves in person. We didn't know any of the stars that were there that day but it didn't stop us enjoying what they had to offer. The tent had seating surrounding it, and also giant screens in case you couldn't get too close which were perfect for us as we didn't get to snag a seat.

We got more food after NXT because watching wrestling is tiring right? Then we headed to Knuckle Puck and Crown The Empire. Both are such good bands, I recommend checking out Evergreen by Knuckle Puck as it's currently one of my favorite songs!

The press area at Download is an incredible place. We got up and close with the infamous Download Dog! He's so cute? I mean, he's a giant Red Dog.. Is that cute? Also in the press area is free water and toilets.. TOILETS THAT AREN'T GROSS. It's truly a luxury.

A Day To Remember and Biffy Clyro were next on the list. We've seen both bands so knew what to expect.. EPICNESS. Then, Rob Zombie! I saw Rob Zombie at the previous Downloads but Kyle hadn't seen him before, he was sure in for a treat. Rob was amazing, he had Anime on his screens and sung like a Trooper.

The end of the day came, we got back into our hotel and realised, we should of brought the sun tan lotion. Our faces were red like giant Lobsters, uh oh.

See Download Day 2 for the vlog of our Saturday

We started Sunday quite late as there wasn't much on during the morning that we wanted to see. We headed for breakfast. We also started missing our pets and Dante a lot so wanted to go home and be re-united with our babies (I know, we're weak!) We saw Blood Youth on the Dog Tooth Stage, who were insane. Kyle also ended up with a giant hand print slapped over his back from his mission of destruction in the pit. I'd never seen Blood Youth live before, but had actively listened to them throughout the year and I was extremely happy with their performance. They're also local to us and live in Yorkshire! How cool?

After watching them, we decided to sit down for a while and catch our breathe. I then won £5 in a bag of Walkers Cheese & Onion, that was a lucky, sunny day!

The next and FINAL band of the day were Fizzy Blood. Once again, they're local to us, based in my very own home city of Leeds. These were mind blowing. A band on the smaller size that gave out such a HUGE show. I sung every lyric of their songs and got as far to the front as I possibly could. Their bassist is also hilarious (the faces he pulls are just the best).

Unfortunately, these were all the bands we saw, not many I know, but hey! We enjoyed it, and that's what festival spirit is all about. Having a good time and listening to good music.

See Download Day 3 for the vlog of our Sunday

For my Hen Do I decided to visit a Spa. I'd never been to one before, but I thought sticking to a traditional 'bride-to-be' stereotype was probably the easiest thing to set up. Thus the planning began and I found a local Spa located a short 15 minutes away from home.

Planning the weekend was quite an ordeal, my maid of honor had no time to book anything and so I had to take on the task myself. I found a package on their website called 'Escape' which suited our needs. It was described as '24 hours of pure relaxation'.

As the hotel & spa are two separate parts, so first I had to book 8 rooms for all of my friends and family, and then I had to ring and book everyone's individual treatments but that didn't exactly take long.

I was nervous as to what to expect as I'd never been to a Spa before. I've walked by a Sauna and had a glance in, and even witnessed my Dad having a massage but I haven't done anything like that myself. I was very curious to whether or not massages do help, and even curious to how people found sitting on a lounger for hours was relaxing to them.

The Hen Do was fabulous. The Hotel & Spa are beautifully decorated, laced with the finer details and upon entering you are greeted with the warm smell of fresh of a log pile placed nearby a real fireplace. The staff are more than friendly, and one of them even recognised me from YouTube. On the day, me and my hens embarked on the pool, relaxed with some cocktails and celebrated with some Processco.

Time came for our treatments and I decided on going with the Shoulder, Neck and Back Massage. Honestly, I didn't know what to expect and I was terrified! I was greeted with a friendly smile and taken into a room where I was told to roll my swim suit down to my lower back and lay on the bed with my head in the hole. It reminded me of all the terrible film scenes I've seen but honestly it was amazing! I chose the relaxing scented oil and laid down. The masseuse was gentle but firm and helped relieve the knots in my shoulders. Turns out working hunched over my PC has caused some issues! Instantly after the massage I felt my whole body crack with relief. I do recommend getting a massage once in a while.

The rooms were very spacious and had the facilities in them that we needed. There were twin rooms and double rooms available which were perfect for us. They included a 'living' area with sofa and coffee table, a bathroom with a bath/shower combo and a desk for makeup needs or business needs. You couldn't really ask for anything else. It met our needs, was clean and comfortable.

Later that eve, we had food in the restaurant and it was delicious. We ended the night with a gathering in my hotel room although we were a little rowdy and ended up getting a noise complaint haha. We even got my Mother and her Best Friend to play Cards Against Humanity. My Cousin fell asleep and we ended up taking photos with her exhausted body.

My Hen Do was fantastic and I kept wondering when I could have the opportunity to visit again when all of a sudden I got an email inviting me and a few friends back. I took my Cousin Fay (a Math teacher) and my Best Friend Jenna (a Geography Teacher). As we already knew the procedure, we knew what treatments we wanted. I decided to take on the massage again as last time I was told it would benefit me having it done on the regular.

We arrived at 10:30am and headed straight to the pool. They have an amazing pool and very close by is a hot tub. Also at the side of the pool is a steam room and sauna. The changing facilities are fantastic with an array of showers, cubicles and even a dressing table area complete with hair dryers and stools. You could honestly live there!

Relaxing on the loungers, drinking processco and enjoying our day of freedom was exactly how we spent the day. My back felt so much better from getting another massage and I've been told I should go back every 2 weeks until she feels it can go to once a month. It was so fun having a girly day out, we definitely deserved it!

We had a delicious lunch in the Courtyard and then went back into the pool. I did Vlog my experience so I recommend checking that out when it's posted so you can see for yourself just how beautiful the place is. You wouldn't expect such a lovely place to be tucked up hidden in an industrial estate.

All in all, my Spa experiences have been amazing and I would definitely want to make this a regular thing. It's very relaxing and is a small escape from reality. You are able to unwind mentally and physically while having some well needed 'me time'.

Thanks for reading!

Today I got invited to the Leeds Taco Bell Launch party and it was amazing! I brought with me my Husband Kyle, my Best Friend Tim, and also my Little Brother John. My friend Scott from Durham also traveled down with some fellow YouTube creators! I've always loved Taco Bell.. I tried my first one in 2015 and loved it ever since. I always hoped they would open more branches in the UK and I was lucky enough that they decided to open one in Leeds.

Apparently there was lots of demand for them to open one in Leeds via social media (I bet you, I single-handedly caused this haha!) Just kidding.. Although I did tweet @tacobelluk constantly about opening a branch close to where I live!

When arriving, the staff and PR guys handed out name tags so that we could get to know others who were attending, although I actually didn't socialise with anyone other than the group of friends that I came with.... but the idea was cool right?

The store was very modern and purple, (my favourite colour). The branch had a very classy feel to it, it did NOT feel like you were inside of a fast food restaurant. It was very clean, nicely designed and aesthetic. I know this Taco Bell will be my new place to eat whenever I visit Leeds.

The Taco Bell is opposite my favourite night club (The Key Club) so I know we will end up in there after drinking, or even before as they sell alcohol. They even sell alcoholic slushies so you can be a big 'adult' kid!

The staff came around constantly and offered us food. We started off with Nachos topped with Guac, Sour Cream and Salsa. Then we moved on to the tacos and burritos. We all tried little bits of food that came and went, I know I tried the cheesy Double Decker and also the Beefy Melt Griller. I then had Churros and chocolate dip.. they tasted the same as the ones you get at DisneyWorld. I'm so happy! I've literally been craving them since I left Florida and couldn't find an alternative in England, well now I have. #GodBlessYouTacoBell

I was worried that when the store opened that the prices would be stupidly high, but they actually aren't. They obviously do not compare to the American prices where you can pick up a Taco for around $1 but they do come pretty close. I think the cheapest item on the menu I had was £1.19, which is a steal!

The food is so delicious but also very unhealthy (EAT IN MODERATION YO!). I can see myself getting very chubby if I eat there a lot... I am actually on a diet but allowed myself to eat as many Tacos today as possible because it's not often you get invited to a launch party with FREE food. I'm just sad they didn't have my go-to item, the 'Cheesy Chicken Gordita Crunch', guess i'll settle with the Cheesy Beef Double Decker for now. I'm sure they will be bringing out the same range of food that they have in the US but I guess it takes time to perfect.

As we left the event, they gave us a tote bag full of taco related goodies which was very sweet of them. I will definitely be using my new Taco Bell Heated Travel Mug and even my Taco pen and notepad.

I am very excited to see how this store holds up in Leeds. I really hope it does well. It has lots of competition as it's directly opposite a KFC and also next to a McDonald's but I'm loving the variety of food that is coming to Leeds now, especially with the Trinity Food Market.

Thanks to @tacobelluk for inviting me, I had a blast!

Hey guys! The time for another Download Festival is fast approaching and to get me in the mood I've decided to write a Blog post about my favourite acts and what I'm excited for!

Download Festival is a rock Festival that is held yearly in Donington Park, Leicestershire. It's been going since 2003 and this will be my third year attending. Wow how time flies! The first time I attended was actually the first time i'd met my best friend in person. Listening to music and drinking helped our friendship blossom into what it is today, and now we attend as a sort of 'anniversary' you could say! It marks the very special time that we first met eye to eye, and that will forever be special in our hearts.

Download Festival has recently partnered with WWE which is amazing! We watched NXT Live last year and it was one of the best things I've ever experienced at a Festival. Wrestling and Rock Music go beautifully hand in hand.

This years lineup is amazing. I have been waiting for around 15 years to see SOAD and now is my chance. I cannot wait, I could cry with how excited I am!


My Top Picks this year are;

  • Five Finger Death Punch
  • System of a Down
  • Good Charlotte
  • Sum 41
  • State Champs
  • Creeper
  • Of Mice & Men
  • AleStorm
  • Knuckle Puck
  • Crown The Empire
  • A Day To Remember 
  • Biffy Clyro
  • Rob Zombie
  • Fizzy Blood
  • Moose Blood
  • Basement

We've learnt from previous years to print out a Clash Finder page so we know which bands we can attend and which ones we can't. The bands listed above are the ones we will definitely be seeing, I am so excited!

We also learnt to stay in a hotel rather than camp too. The weather is unpredictable at Donington and 2016 was known for it's heavy rains. This time we have booked ourselves into a local hotel and we will be driving to and from the event.

Download is something I look forward to attending every year and I always vlog my trips there purely because I enjoy it so much. If you want to watch my 2016 videos you can do so here;

Friday at DownloadSaturday at DownloadSunday at Download

Thank you for reading and I hope to see some of you there!

Slam Dunk 2017 Line Up

So Slam Dunk is fast approaching. I am attending Slam Dunk North for the third year & I'm VERY excited. The Line Up for this year is insane. Slam Dunk is an all day festival held in Leeds City Centre. Bands play across a multitude of areas, in the o2, in pubs and other various venues. It's an amazing atmosphere. 

Leeds is a beautiful City and being outside, listening to music, and drinking combined makes Slam Dunk one of the best Festivals out there. It's not just held in Leeds, there is Slam Dunk Midlands held in Birmingham, and also Slam Dunk South in Hatfield.

I find weekend Festivals quite tiring, and so a Festival that only lasts one day is perfect for someone like me.

My Favourites from the Line Up;
  • Enter Shikari
  • Bowling For Soup
  • Bear Tooth
  • Neck Deep
  • We The Kings
  • Crossfaith
  • Reel Big Fish
  • Cute Is What We Aim For

The Bands i'm seeing (CONFIRMED) are;
  • Enter Shikari
  • Bowling For Soup
  • Crossfaith
  • Reel Big Fish

The only thing that's quite upsetting is that some of my favorites clash. I'll have to miss some bands to see others and I hate when that happens, but at festivals this CANNOT be avoided. Sacrifices have to be made, and so I can't see certain bands, but I can see others! 

Going with a group of friends helps a lot. I know me and my friend group will be splitting up through out the day to see different acts at different times. I for certain will be watching Enter Shikari's Take To The Sky 10 Year Anniversary set, where as my friend Tim will want to watch his favourite band, Bowling For Soup.

I'm so excited for this, I paid the ticket price purely just to see Enter Shikari. The set is going to be AMAZING, and they're playing a personal favourite album set. I last saw them in 2012 at Leeds Festival and so I'm excited to see them again.

Hey maybe I'll even get to meet some bands this time?

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see some of you guys there!
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