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Hey guys! As some of you may know, I'll be attending Leeds Festival again this year. Leeds & Reading are annual Festivals held in England. They are some of the best, and exciting Festivals in England, so they are must if you are a music lover like myself.

The lineup has evolved over the years. I remember attending back when it was mainly Rock and Metal music, but the change isn't necessarily bad by any means. Like any evolving Festival, you must go with what's popular at the current time. I'm super happy that there's now a mix of music genres together at the fest. 

Not only are there amazing music artists and bands attending, but there are also fantastic comedy acts going such as Bill Bailey & Lee Nelson. Since I started going to Leeds Festival, I've been a huge fan of the comedy acts they've chosen as they've all been hilarious and are a great break from bouncing around at the main-stage. 

Some bands I'm super excited to see are; Red Hot Chili Peppers, Biffy Clyro, Die Antwoord, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Two Door Cinema Club, Good Charlotte & The Wombats. ALL bands which I've never seen perform live, so as you can imagine I'm super super ready for this. From looking at the lineup, if you were going who would you see?

This year is a little different for me as I'm not actually camping there, which isn't normal for me! Every time I've gone since 2012, I've bought the cheapest tent from ASDA, Pound Shop essentials and found myself camping with a huge group. 

This time, I decided to buy Day Tickets for each day. They are incredibly cheap (in my opinion) at around £60 per day. This was a much better deal for me as I won't be camping and instead will be staying in a Hotel in Leeds City then commuting into the Festival using the Buses they have set up. We found unlimited tickets for the Buses for only £18! All in all, this festival is incredibly good value for money. 

Imagine if you were to see each artist or band perform, add up the costs of the gigs and you'd be way over the £60 that Reading & Leeds charge for a day ticket. The ticket is worth a good day out as well as the bands, and comedy acts you're seeing anyway!

When we've gone previously, we've camped in the Brown Camp, also known as the Family Camp as we found it a lot quieter and further from the main arena which means (if you're worried) that all your belongings are much safer. Although, I've never actually heard of anyone being mugged, or stolen from at Leeds. If you're going, I definitely recommend staying in a camp such as Brown, as other camps like Red can be loud way into the early hours. You'll be needing your rest if you're wanting to party all day!

I'm making sure to pack one, or two rain coats as the weather can be incredibly bipolar in Leeds, it can go from being boiling hot, to raining within seconds. So if your'e going make sure to do the same!

If you're going, I hope to see you there. If not you can catch the highlights over the weekend on BBC TV or Radio.
Hey guys, I just wanted to write this blog post about my newest merchandise design. I wanted something of Sonic as he's become kind of my 'channel mascot' in a way. He is adorable and unique and I think that's why people really love him. I found a design online called 'Pocket Toothless' and it was of Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon and I instantly fell in love with it!

I decided from this that I wanted my new T-Shirt design to be pretty similar using the whole pocket theme because you have to admit, it's adorable. I also wanted my design to not feature anything to do with my channel so that anyone and everyone could wear and buy one and it wouldn't have specific branding on it, this way it would appeal to more people. I contacted the original artist from the Pocket Toothless design and found he was from Manchester, so he was super local and it's always great to support fellow artists, whether music, art, or content creating we all need to support each other. I was happy to see he accepted commissions and I sent him my sketch idea. Within a week he had the design back to me and I was so happy with the price, how fast he delivered, and the quality of the design.

So this is the final design of 'Pocket Hedgehog'. Isn't it cute? I used redbubble to sell my merchandise and I tried to put it on everything I could including iPad cases, Phone Cases, Shirts, Posters and many many more. I've even ordered myself a couple of these shirts because they are amazing. I think wearing them at conventions will definitely help!

I decided to use redbubble because it was the cheapest site for fans/viewers/subscribers to buy from, and that's all I really care about. They post worldwide which is great too, and not only that but redbubble also have constant discount codes so people can get my merchandise even cheaper if they look out for the codes! redbubble are also known in the YouTube community and often host giveaways on YouTuber's channels, I know a couple of my friends including Lauren, Vixella and Annie have all been a part of their campaigns. They've even asked me to do one but I haven't got around to sorting it out yet!

Today I bought myself the female shirt design in size M, it came to around £20 as I couldn't find a discount code, but atleast I got £2 from sales on it, so it only cost me £18 I guess haha. I really love the grey colour of this, then again most of the clothing I wear is grey.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading this.
Peace out, xox

One evening, me and Kyle decided to order ourselves a Pizza for tea. We'd recently been recommended Dominos as our local takeaways had started not fit our taste anymore.

So Kyle offered his usual (Meat Feast) and I ordered mine (Margherita). We also decided on ordering Cookies as I always have to eat something sweet after having a savory meal. 


We didn't eat all of the food and I left it piled up on the side. The next morning I asked Kyle where he had put my cookies and to my despair he replied with "oh, I threw them away thinking they were rubbish". I was distraught and quickly took to social media to tell my followers what I'd just been subjected to. 


To my surprise, Dominos had replied and told me that they'd make it up to me. I was simply hoping they'd send me some free cookies, but a couple of days passed and I ended up with an email in my inbox called 'Dominos VIP'. A lady from Dominos PR company explained that they had released this new piece of technology called an Easy Order button, where you simply pressed it and your order would be delivered. 

No need for annoying phone calls and no need to set an order up every time you fancied a Pizza. She asked me if I'd like one with £200 credit on and of course I said yes. This was to last me the next coming month and it seemed like Kyle throwing my cookies away was something I should now be happy about. 

The way it works is, you set up orders online and then it's set up forever. You simply press the button and it takes money from your account and funds your Pizza cravings! It's a dangerous thing to have as you don't feel like you're handing over money. You're just pressing a button, so you'll find yourself wanting to press it every day. 


You connect it to a phone or tablet via Bluetooth and off you go! It's quite handy that you have to connect it, as people then can't accidentally order things. My older brother once found himself pressing it out of curiosity and then worrying that food would be delivered. Thankfully it wasn't connected. 

Our orders were so big that they often lasted us through Lunch and Tea time that day. We would get 2 Large Pizzas, a bottle of Coca Cola, Garlic Bread and Cookies. On some occasions I ordered it to my parents house and it would feed 6 of us! 

My Easy Order trial has ended now. I'm sad about it but it just goes to show, complaining on social media really does get you somewhere. The button is a great piece of technology and I love that it's in a tiny Pizza box, it's too cute. Anyway I hope you enjoyed reading this and maybe you'll find yourself with an Easy Order Button in the future. 

Seeing Twenty One Pilots has been on my list since I first heard "Stressed Out". Kyle made me listen to the song back in '15 and at first I hated it. The lyrics at some points make no sense, and the singer Tyler Joseph sounds like he's talking rather than singing or rapping, but I guess this is what is so great about 'Top'. After a few hours of first hearing the song, it began to become infused within my brain, I had it stuck in my head ALL DAY! This made me research more, only to find that their other songs are just as catchy. They soon became one of my favourites.

Kyle saw they had announced a UK Tour but the closest they were playing to us was Manchester. We couldn't make it there but also, it had sold out so quick that there wasn't even time to decide on whether or not we could attend. We were gutted. 

A couple of months went by and they soon announced more locations, this time.. LEEDS! Kyle booked the tickets without even checking times or dates. Months went by until the 17th of Feb rolled up. I'd just been asked to attend a Google meeting in London to talk about Social Media when Kyle said, "oh yeah don't forget we have Twenty One Pilots tomorrow", so I was stuck with the task of attending this QnA in London and then returning to Leeds to see Top.

I was worried I'd be tired but we arrived at the O2 after the support acts had played and were able to push our way through the crowds of small girls to get a good view for when the band came on. So basically, we didn't see the support acts because I was too exhausted to stand through them and wanted to save my singing voice and my energy to jump around for Twenty One Pilots.

I was shocked at how many young girls were there. The scene reminded me of VidCon. The Girls SCREAMED as Tyler and Josh appeared on-stage. It was crazy. In fact, its what I in-vision a crowd of girls act like upon seeing Justin Bieber. It was crazy because I never expected Top lyrics and songs to appeal to such a young age group. People from ages 8-40 years old were at the gig. It was nice in a way but the whole 'fan girl' act from the crowd was kinda crazy and weird, and because of this young age group there were no 'mosh pits' or crazy dancing (although Tyler kept referring to the dancing tweens as being stood in a 'pit'), please Tyler.. you don't know pits until you've seen Slipknot. The audience also let out an ear piercing scream every time the band did anything including, finishing a song, bowing or even jumping around.. It was unreal.

All of the crazy fan girls did make the gig one to remember though. I'll never forget the look on Kyle's face when the Banshee-like scream first forced itself out of over 200 young girls mouths.

To wrap it up, Twenty One Pilots were amazing. They are one of the bands who sound the same as they do live, and they do on record. They played many songs including 'Stressed Out', 'Ride', 'Tear in My Heart', 'Car Radio', 'Heavydirtysoul' and many many more. I think they pretty much covered both of their albums. Including only ONE line from House of Gold (which Tyler played on a Ukelele) which, really annoyed Kyle as its his favourite Top song.  They did also play some songs that me and Kyle weren't familiar with, but we did enjoy them all nether the less.

As I've said for many other bands, I would definitely recommend seeing these live. If it isn't for their amazing songs, perfomance and looks ;), then at least see them to witness the screaming hoard of tweens.

Happy gig hunting, xox

I've been a big fan of Skindred since hearing their 2002 release Nobody. I've seen them live twice before so knew exactly what to expect of them when seeing them a third. They are undoubtedly one of my favourite bands to see live. The on-stage actions of dancing, fist pumping, and to shouting "Fight the Power" is definitely something to make one of their concerts a time to remember.


I have always been a fan of Reggae music and the fact their music has that 'vibe' to it as well as a Metal fusion is simply amazing. I love listening to Benji Webbe's singing voice. There is something quite therapeutic to it, and I can't quite put my finger on it.  


One thing that I love about Benji is that during the bands performance they take small mid-song breaks to address current political and important topics. In one of these breaks Benji said if  "you don't like gays, you don't like Blacks, then you better get out of here because we don't like you!". This was really humble of him and definitely made my respect for the man go up.


They played many of my personal favorites from their older albums such as 'Babylon' but tended to mostly stick to their recent album 'Volume' as this is the reason they had begun another UK Tour. 


I didn't really take many photos of Crossfaith as I was enjoying their performance and the way that they included their fans and viewers into the show by continuously pointing the mic towards the crowd and getting us involved. It was a very colourful show with many Rainbow lights which, if you don't know already are probably my favourite lights at a show. Crossfaith were very energetic and played 'Omen' their cover of The Prodigy, this of course got the crowd creating pits.

All in all, I really enjoyed both acts and would recommend them to anyone.

Happy gig hunting, xox

Before going to this gig, I knew it would be one of the best things I have ever experienced. 

I have been a huge fan of Slipknot since I was small. My older Brother Daniel would listen to them on Scuzz/Kerrang and I would sit by him playing with my Barbie Dolls. Daniel has inspired my musical taste since then and I have been heavily influenced by him. The first time I was drawn into a Slipknot song was when Daniel left a TV on in the room, the music video for 'Left Behind' was playing and I was so interested. I just couldn't grasp why this child had been left alone in his house and had to resort to eating cereal with dirty tap water. I was both scared and intrigued. I later found out this video was based on the bad parenting of Corey's Mother.

My personal favorite Slipknot track is 'Duality' and I truly got to experience the madness of this song at Download Festival 2015. I rocked my little booty off and screamed my lungs out, so I was excited to do this again at the Leeds O2 Arena.


The only issue with attending this time was the fact that I was still recovering from Influenza. I had a temperature, a snotty nose and a bad case of 'wanting to be in bed', but I knew I couldn't miss out on one of my favourite bands. They are simply too amazing to miss. We arrived at the O2 Arena and it was PACKED. There were people everywhere. I felt amazed to be surrounded by fellow music lovers and we quickly found ourselves gravitating towards the merch stand. Unfortunately there wasn't anything too amazing, but Kyle bought himself a Tour shirt which I will of course, steal when desired.


As I'd already seen them play at Download I knew what to expect and knew I'd be amazed. We first had to sit through two support acts which were called 'Sixth' I think, and 'Suicidal Tendencies'. Now I get that Corey is probably friends with both bands, but I can't understand why he invited either to support Slipknot. Both bands were completely different genres and I didn't like either, but the crowd seemed to like them and I guess that's what matters. Moving on to Slipknot...


While they did play a lot of classics, they also stuck to playing new songs which didn't get as much of a reaction as the songs such as records from Iowa. Another point to make about the concert was the god awful screens playing behind them. Me and Tim found ourselves fixated on the hilarious graphics or sometimes gory graphics of Skeletons and other unknown animations floating around. They were so bad and also so distracting. Sid kept catching my eye as he loves to keep jogging and running around stage, he is quite simply, mental (in the good way). At one point he jumped from the highest point of the stage down to his area, it was spectacular. 

The crowd definitely seemed to produce a euphoric atmosphere as you kinda felt like you should also join in, singing, screaming, and headbanging. The mosh pits were something from another dimension. The WHOLE entirety of the standing crowd were one huge mosh pit. If I'm being honest, I was fixated on them more than the actual band. It was really nice that Corey would take his in-between song resting time to check on the crowd and ask if everyone was okay. He seems to be the sort of person that genuinely cares about his 'maggots'.

I knew I'd enjoy this gig, and I did. The only down point of the whole experience is that we were sat in the weirdest, least practical seats in the right hand corner of the O2 Arena which meant we saw a side on angle of the stage, and we could also see behind the curtain because of this, which meant that the magic of the band 'appearing on stage' wasn't there. Apart from this, we all enjoyed it. We screamed our lungs out to the songs we knew and we danced to those that we didn't.

Happy gig hunting, xox