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Why I opened a Blog.

Hey there guys.
So today I thought I'd explain to you why I decided to open up a Blog.
There's often days where I lack motivation to film and create videos so instead I thought I could open my creative mind onto a Blog. Sometimes YouTube requires me to look my best and also to sound my best. For example, right now I'm sat in my PJ's with a sore throat and thus I would not be able to film a video. Instead I am able to write this Blog.

I did have a Blog before right around when I hit 5k Subscribers on my Gaming Channel but I felt it was too personal to be shared with thousands of people around the World. On there I had photographs of my family and friends.

So I decided to make a new blog, a fresh start! My love for fellow Bloggers such as Zoella, SprinkleofGlitter, Jingleheartart and MelonLady have definitely played a big part of this decision!
I will post OOTD's, Lifestyle, Fashion and personal thoughts on here.

If you like the idea of my Blog, make sure to hit that Google+ Follow button so you can be alerted every time I post a new Blog.

Thanks for reading,

Miss Yammy. 


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