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Time to show my nails some love.

So, if any of you have ever watched my vlogs on YouTube, you will know that I don't paint my nails very often and I let them grow until they're pretty long.

Here's a picture of them before I paint them. 
You can see that they naturally grow pretty thick and that helps maintain their length. People often ask if they're fake but they are indeed all natural. I don't cut them until I feel that they may snap off. As you can see my thumb nail is pretty short and that is because these are the ones that often prematurely snap. 
I'm going to be painting them this beautiful minty colour as it's probably my favourite nail polish from Barry M's Silk collection. I find that this nail paint is quite thick and only needs 2 coats. The colour has a lovely, glittery-shimmer effect and is not prone to chipping (which is a must have when buying Nail paint). 
Here's the finished product! As you can see, I'm in no way great or good at painting my nails and I often leave the excess paint stay on my fingers until I get a bath, then it comes off rather then manually removing it. I really love this colour and I think it matches really well with my darker skin tone. 

Let me know what your favourite brand of Polish is and leave it below in the comments. 
Thanks for reading,
Miss Yammy. 


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