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Okay so I feel like I have to write this as a little bit of a de-stressant. Is that even a word? Anyway, since becoming a YouTuber myself, I've been able to see the community from the inside and how YouTubers act away from the public eye.

I have to say, I'm quite dissapointed with the majority of them as YouTube for them is just a "business or job" which sucks. If you didn't know, YouTubers get paid money for making videos (If they have their channels partnered). Lots of my friends are very humble about their earnings and their channels and they don't brag or announce how much they earn from it, and neither do I. I don't earn much and what I do earn treats me to... a pot of hair dye or a game each month. Hardly rollin' in cash, but I don't do YouTube for money. I do it for fun and for my fans. I'm loosing track of the main point here but... when I got into being a YouTuber I was quite shocked and disgusted at how certain YouTubers act about their channels and fans.
I've seen a lot of YouTubers exploit their viewers and lie to them for money and it's wrong.

I first started noticing this about YouTubers when I went to EGX London and hung around with a bunch of bigger channels. Most of them loved telling me how much they earnt, and one certain person introduced himself with the amount of subscribers he had... vain or what? I can't stand people like this, they act like they're better than you and they should seriously get off their high horse. At the last event I went to, a couple of YouTubers were once again bragging about their earnings... It felt like that's the only reason they're doing YouTube for.. UGH.

There's also the issue of YouTube friendships. There's a lot of those and recently I've seen one break down within the vlogging community. When you're a YouTuber and you start gaining subs and views your channel reaches out to lots of different people... fans, content creators and random viewers. You might start talking to them and through that you become friends, but what you don't realise is some of them are out there to use you so they can get known. It's awful and it's quite hard to see it. Not only this, but a lot of YouTubers that you think are best buds, don't actually speak unless it's to record. So basically they pretend to like each other but they never hang out in real life, text or call each other unless it's for their channels.

Now, I'm a very down to Earth, blunt, stubborn, and real person who recently has stopped talking to most other content creators purely because they don't acknowledge me and I aren't going to be the one that messages them constantly trying to be friends, because that's what I used to do, and I'd get ignored and now I've noticed that some people would only speak to me if they wanted to record/use me. I've wanted to quit lots of times because of this community and I actually hate some other YouTubers because of the way they act.

At the end of the day, you might have tonnes of money and subscribers but it doesn't make you a better person than anyone else. It's a number on the Internet. I wish I could explain how much it bothered me, and how bad it's made me feel in the past but I can't. I've fallen out with lots of content creators because I dislike their attitudes. I think ever since I had Dante, I changed. I matured and grew up a lot quicker than other people my age and that's why I really dislike what some people are like on YouTube, and I know it's not really any of my business but when certain people think it's okay to involve me, or fall out with me for disagreeing then yes, it gets to me.

Whenever I dislike what someone's done or said, I voice my opinion. I want people to hear how I feel, but the problem with most other YouTubers is that they don't speak about their problems directly to you and instead take to Twitter wars or indirect tweets and stuff. It's so childish, like can you not?! By the way, nothing recent has happened I've just been feeling this way for a long time and never had anywhere to write this down. It'd be cool to look back on this blog in a years time or something and see how things have changed.

There's only a couple of people that I speak to now and that's who I record with on my channel, because they are true friends. We hang out in Skype calls, we hang in real life and I feel I can share anything with them whether it's online or real life issues.

Sorry about this big old rant, but I felt I needed to haha.

Peace, love, kisses, hugs, 
Miss Yammy. 


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