The internet friendship tag

It's 3am. I'm bored and I've decided to come up with my own tag video idea. 

1) how many internet friends do you have ?
2) pick one of them, who is it?
3) how long have you known each other?
4) where/ how did you meet?
5) what hobbies or interests do you share?
6) have you met in real life yet?
7) what's stopping you from seeing each other/ meeting often?
8) does meeting internet friends irl matter to you? 
9) how often do you speak?
10) how do you speak?
11) what would you do if they didn't contact you for a long time?
12) what is one negativity about meeting people through the internet?

Thanks for reading. I hope you like it and if you want to make a video answering them or maybe a blog post, go ahead :) 


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