Ive neglected my Blog.

I opened my Blog over a year ago now, and I haven't really posted on it. 

By that I mean I've posted 10 things, and  that's really bad. 

I know it's bad, but I find myself sitting in silence doing nothing on a train, while waiting for games to load, waiting for my bath to run... You get the jist. So basically instead of wasting time being super unproductive I'm going to instead, use that time to write on here. 

If anything, this blog has helped me through hard times to vent as I know a lot of my audience have yet to read it so it gives me a little place to get angry and feel sorry for myself. 

It's kind of like a personal diary, that isn't do personal.. It's out there for the public. 

Anyway, I am hoping to use this more and include some interesting posts (I hope you find them interesting)

Thanks for reading,
Miss Yammy x 


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