Leeds Festival 2016

Hey guys! As some of you may know, I'll be attending Leeds Festival again this year. Leeds & Reading are annual Festivals held in England. They are some of the best, and exciting Festivals in England, so they are must if you are a music lover like myself.

The lineup has evolved over the years. I remember attending back when it was mainly Rock and Metal music, but the change isn't necessarily bad by any means. Like any evolving Festival, you must go with what's popular at the current time. I'm super happy that there's now a mix of music genres together at the fest. 

Not only are there amazing music artists and bands attending, but there are also fantastic comedy acts going such as Bill Bailey & Lee Nelson. Since I started going to Leeds Festival, I've been a huge fan of the comedy acts they've chosen as they've all been hilarious and are a great break from bouncing around at the main-stage. 

Some bands I'm super excited to see are; Red Hot Chili Peppers, Biffy Clyro, Die Antwoord, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Two Door Cinema Club, Good Charlotte & The Wombats. ALL bands which I've never seen perform live, so as you can imagine I'm super super ready for this. From looking at the lineup, if you were going who would you see?

This year is a little different for me as I'm not actually camping there, which isn't normal for me! Every time I've gone since 2012, I've bought the cheapest tent from ASDA, Pound Shop essentials and found myself camping with a huge group. 

This time, I decided to buy Day Tickets for each day. They are incredibly cheap (in my opinion) at around £60 per day. This was a much better deal for me as I won't be camping and instead will be staying in a Hotel in Leeds City then commuting into the Festival using the Buses they have set up. We found unlimited tickets for the Buses for only £18! All in all, this festival is incredibly good value for money. 

Imagine if you were to see each artist or band perform, add up the costs of the gigs and you'd be way over the £60 that Reading & Leeds charge for a day ticket. The ticket is worth a good day out as well as the bands, and comedy acts you're seeing anyway!

When we've gone previously, we've camped in the Brown Camp, also known as the Family Camp as we found it a lot quieter and further from the main arena which means (if you're worried) that all your belongings are much safer. Although, I've never actually heard of anyone being mugged, or stolen from at Leeds. If you're going, I definitely recommend staying in a camp such as Brown, as other camps like Red can be loud way into the early hours. You'll be needing your rest if you're wanting to party all day!

I'm making sure to pack one, or two rain coats as the weather can be incredibly bipolar in Leeds, it can go from being boiling hot, to raining within seconds. So if your'e going make sure to do the same!

If you're going, I hope to see you there. If not you can catch the highlights over the weekend on BBC TV or Radio.


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