Hey guys, I just wanted to write this blog post about my newest merchandise design. I wanted something of Sonic as he's become kind of my 'channel mascot' in a way. He is adorable and unique and I think that's why people really love him. I found a design online called 'Pocket Toothless' and it was of Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon and I instantly fell in love with it!

I decided from this that I wanted my new T-Shirt design to be pretty similar using the whole pocket theme because you have to admit, it's adorable. I also wanted my design to not feature anything to do with my channel so that anyone and everyone could wear and buy one and it wouldn't have specific branding on it, this way it would appeal to more people. I contacted the original artist from the Pocket Toothless design and found he was from Manchester, so he was super local and it's always great to support fellow artists, whether music, art, or content creating we all need to support each other. I was happy to see he accepted commissions and I sent him my sketch idea. Within a week he had the design back to me and I was so happy with the price, how fast he delivered, and the quality of the design.

So this is the final design of 'Pocket Hedgehog'. Isn't it cute? I used redbubble to sell my merchandise and I tried to put it on everything I could including iPad cases, Phone Cases, Shirts, Posters and many many more. I've even ordered myself a couple of these shirts because they are amazing. I think wearing them at conventions will definitely help!

I decided to use redbubble because it was the cheapest site for fans/viewers/subscribers to buy from, and that's all I really care about. They post worldwide which is great too, and not only that but redbubble also have constant discount codes so people can get my merchandise even cheaper if they look out for the codes! redbubble are also known in the YouTube community and often host giveaways on YouTuber's channels, I know a couple of my friends including Lauren, Vixella and Annie have all been a part of their campaigns. They've even asked me to do one but I haven't got around to sorting it out yet!

Today I bought myself the female shirt design in size M, it came to around £20 as I couldn't find a discount code, but atleast I got £2 from sales on it, so it only cost me £18 I guess haha. I really love the grey colour of this, then again most of the clothing I wear is grey.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading this.
Peace out, xox


  1. It looks amazing yammy I would diffenetally buy one of these and I'm sorry I if any of these words are spelt wrong as I have auto-correct which I can't seem to find a faster way to turn it off when needed but I'm sure I'll find it soon,so thanks for all 5he merch they are amazing