For my Hen Do I decided to visit a Spa. I'd never been to one before, but I thought sticking to a traditional 'bride-to-be' stereotype was probably the easiest thing to set up. Thus the planning began and I found a local Spa located a short 15 minutes away from home.

Planning the weekend was quite an ordeal, my maid of honor had no time to book anything and so I had to take on the task myself. I found a package on their website called 'Escape' which suited our needs. It was described as '24 hours of pure relaxation'.

As the hotel & spa are two separate parts, so first I had to book 8 rooms for all of my friends and family, and then I had to ring and book everyone's individual treatments but that didn't exactly take long.

I was nervous as to what to expect as I'd never been to a Spa before. I've walked by a Sauna and had a glance in, and even witnessed my Dad having a massage but I haven't done anything like that myself. I was very curious to whether or not massages do help, and even curious to how people found sitting on a lounger for hours was relaxing to them.

The Hen Do was fabulous. The Hotel & Spa are beautifully decorated, laced with the finer details and upon entering you are greeted with the warm smell of fresh of a log pile placed nearby a real fireplace. The staff are more than friendly, and one of them even recognised me from YouTube. On the day, me and my hens embarked on the pool, relaxed with some cocktails and celebrated with some Processco.

Time came for our treatments and I decided on going with the Shoulder, Neck and Back Massage. Honestly, I didn't know what to expect and I was terrified! I was greeted with a friendly smile and taken into a room where I was told to roll my swim suit down to my lower back and lay on the bed with my head in the hole. It reminded me of all the terrible film scenes I've seen but honestly it was amazing! I chose the relaxing scented oil and laid down. The masseuse was gentle but firm and helped relieve the knots in my shoulders. Turns out working hunched over my PC has caused some issues! Instantly after the massage I felt my whole body crack with relief. I do recommend getting a massage once in a while.

The rooms were very spacious and had the facilities in them that we needed. There were twin rooms and double rooms available which were perfect for us. They included a 'living' area with sofa and coffee table, a bathroom with a bath/shower combo and a desk for makeup needs or business needs. You couldn't really ask for anything else. It met our needs, was clean and comfortable.

Later that eve, we had food in the restaurant and it was delicious. We ended the night with a gathering in my hotel room although we were a little rowdy and ended up getting a noise complaint haha. We even got my Mother and her Best Friend to play Cards Against Humanity. My Cousin fell asleep and we ended up taking photos with her exhausted body.

My Hen Do was fantastic and I kept wondering when I could have the opportunity to visit again when all of a sudden I got an email inviting me and a few friends back. I took my Cousin Fay (a Math teacher) and my Best Friend Jenna (a Geography Teacher). As we already knew the procedure, we knew what treatments we wanted. I decided to take on the massage again as last time I was told it would benefit me having it done on the regular.

We arrived at 10:30am and headed straight to the pool. They have an amazing pool and very close by is a hot tub. Also at the side of the pool is a steam room and sauna. The changing facilities are fantastic with an array of showers, cubicles and even a dressing table area complete with hair dryers and stools. You could honestly live there!

Relaxing on the loungers, drinking processco and enjoying our day of freedom was exactly how we spent the day. My back felt so much better from getting another massage and I've been told I should go back every 2 weeks until she feels it can go to once a month. It was so fun having a girly day out, we definitely deserved it!

We had a delicious lunch in the Courtyard and then went back into the pool. I did Vlog my experience so I recommend checking that out when it's posted so you can see for yourself just how beautiful the place is. You wouldn't expect such a lovely place to be tucked up hidden in an industrial estate.

All in all, my Spa experiences have been amazing and I would definitely want to make this a regular thing. It's very relaxing and is a small escape from reality. You are able to unwind mentally and physically while having some well needed 'me time'.

Thanks for reading!


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