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Today I got invited to the Leeds Taco Bell Launch party and it was amazing! I brought with me my Husband Kyle, my Best Friend Tim, and also my Little Brother John. My friend Scott from Durham also traveled down with some fellow YouTube creators! I've always loved Taco Bell.. I tried my first one in 2015 and loved it ever since. I always hoped they would open more branches in the UK and I was lucky enough that they decided to open one in Leeds.

Apparently there was lots of demand for them to open one in Leeds via social media (I bet you, I single-handedly caused this haha!) Just kidding.. Although I did tweet @tacobelluk constantly about opening a branch close to where I live!

When arriving, the staff and PR guys handed out name tags so that we could get to know others who were attending, although I actually didn't socialise with anyone other than the group of friends that I came with.... but the idea was cool right?

The store was very modern and purple, (my favourite colour). The branch had a very classy feel to it, it did NOT feel like you were inside of a fast food restaurant. It was very clean, nicely designed and aesthetic. I know this Taco Bell will be my new place to eat whenever I visit Leeds.

The Taco Bell is opposite my favourite night club (The Key Club) so I know we will end up in there after drinking, or even before as they sell alcohol. They even sell alcoholic slushies so you can be a big 'adult' kid!

The staff came around constantly and offered us food. We started off with Nachos topped with Guac, Sour Cream and Salsa. Then we moved on to the tacos and burritos. We all tried little bits of food that came and went, I know I tried the cheesy Double Decker and also the Beefy Melt Griller. I then had Churros and chocolate dip.. they tasted the same as the ones you get at DisneyWorld. I'm so happy! I've literally been craving them since I left Florida and couldn't find an alternative in England, well now I have. #GodBlessYouTacoBell

I was worried that when the store opened that the prices would be stupidly high, but they actually aren't. They obviously do not compare to the American prices where you can pick up a Taco for around $1 but they do come pretty close. I think the cheapest item on the menu I had was £1.19, which is a steal!

The food is so delicious but also very unhealthy (EAT IN MODERATION YO!). I can see myself getting very chubby if I eat there a lot... I am actually on a diet but allowed myself to eat as many Tacos today as possible because it's not often you get invited to a launch party with FREE food. I'm just sad they didn't have my go-to item, the 'Cheesy Chicken Gordita Crunch', guess i'll settle with the Cheesy Beef Double Decker for now. I'm sure they will be bringing out the same range of food that they have in the US but I guess it takes time to perfect.

As we left the event, they gave us a tote bag full of taco related goodies which was very sweet of them. I will definitely be using my new Taco Bell Heated Travel Mug and even my Taco pen and notepad.

I am very excited to see how this store holds up in Leeds. I really hope it does well. It has lots of competition as it's directly opposite a KFC and also next to a McDonald's but I'm loving the variety of food that is coming to Leeds now, especially with the Trinity Food Market.

Thanks to @tacobelluk for inviting me, I had a blast!


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