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My decision to dye my hair Atlantic Blue

Hey guys, I've not written a Blog post in quite a long time so I thought I'd do one today!

Three weeks ago I had the urge to dye my hair a crazy colour again just like I had a year or so ago. 

When I had dyed hair it became very weak and fragile so I decided to dye it back to a natural colour and gave it chance to naturally strengthen up. I went back to my natural colour (brown) and my hair stayed that way for a while. After about three months I found myself bored, so then added colour over the top of of the brown and ended up with this...

The colour used was Cerise by La Riche Directions. 

After the pink faded away I then decided to use Atlantic Blue and my hair came out like this...


I loved the blue and I think that's what made me want my hair a full funky colour again. Not only that but a fellow Blogger that I follow called Zoe London had recently added some fantastic colours into her hair.

(Photo owned by http://www.zoelondon.me/)

The photo above is what made me crave colour. I invited my friend over to bleach my hair and the bleach took quite well. I originally wanted to have a multitude of colour placed in my hair just like Zoe did but instead purples and blues.

As parts of my hair were still quite gingery I couldn't put the pastel purple shades on and instead had to go fully blue. I didn't mind though as I was just thrilled to have coloured hair again!


This is a photo from while I was topping up the colour. I towel dried my hair and applied a generous coating of Atlantic Blue. I let the dye work it's magic for an hour and once I washed off the colour I was left with a lovely dark blue.


Even though I didn't want to be blue, I have learnt to love my hair colour and I'm super glad that it happened. Maybe it was fate! Blue is now one of my favourite hair colours for sure. 

Thank you for reading,
Miss Yammy. 


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