YouTube karma.

Over the four years of YouTube videos, I've met so many different content creators. Mostly guys who had around 50k subscribers, as i would look up to these people and begin speaking to them. 

For example I was friends with one guy, we spoke everyday for a while and then our friendship sadly came to an end after a disagreement. He then told me I'd never get anywhere with my YouTube and it would never support me enough to live off! I've just checked on his YouTube channel after remembering about him and seen that he gets super low views per video  and hasn't grown much since we stopped talking yet my channel has done better than ever! 

I don't know whether to feel bad or smug at this situation. It's kinda karma in a way but I do have sympathy for the guy as I remember him telling me that it was his fulltime job and back then he was making $500 a month and trying to support himself off that. I imagine he makes no where near that anymore which is a shame. 

I've literally been in this situation a million times with various youtubers. It's not fun but I do take pride in the fact that my channel does just as well as some channels with 1-2 million subscribers! That's crazy. 

Anyway, thanks for reading this random post. I just needed to get that off my chest. 

Miss Yammy x


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