The Dominos Easy Order Button

One evening, me and Kyle decided to order ourselves a Pizza for tea. We'd recently been recommended Dominos as our local takeaways had started not fit our taste anymore.

So Kyle offered his usual (Meat Feast) and I ordered mine (Margherita). We also decided on ordering Cookies as I always have to eat something sweet after having a savory meal. 


We didn't eat all of the food and I left it piled up on the side. The next morning I asked Kyle where he had put my cookies and to my despair he replied with "oh, I threw them away thinking they were rubbish". I was distraught and quickly took to social media to tell my followers what I'd just been subjected to. 


To my surprise, Dominos had replied and told me that they'd make it up to me. I was simply hoping they'd send me some free cookies, but a couple of days passed and I ended up with an email in my inbox called 'Dominos VIP'. A lady from Dominos PR company explained that they had released this new piece of technology called an Easy Order button, where you simply pressed it and your order would be delivered. 

No need for annoying phone calls and no need to set an order up every time you fancied a Pizza. She asked me if I'd like one with £200 credit on and of course I said yes. This was to last me the next coming month and it seemed like Kyle throwing my cookies away was something I should now be happy about. 

The way it works is, you set up orders online and then it's set up forever. You simply press the button and it takes money from your account and funds your Pizza cravings! It's a dangerous thing to have as you don't feel like you're handing over money. You're just pressing a button, so you'll find yourself wanting to press it every day. 


You connect it to a phone or tablet via Bluetooth and off you go! It's quite handy that you have to connect it, as people then can't accidentally order things. My older brother once found himself pressing it out of curiosity and then worrying that food would be delivered. Thankfully it wasn't connected. 

Our orders were so big that they often lasted us through Lunch and Tea time that day. We would get 2 Large Pizzas, a bottle of Coca Cola, Garlic Bread and Cookies. On some occasions I ordered it to my parents house and it would feed 6 of us! 

My Easy Order trial has ended now. I'm sad about it but it just goes to show, complaining on social media really does get you somewhere. The button is a great piece of technology and I love that it's in a tiny Pizza box, it's too cute. Anyway I hope you enjoyed reading this and maybe you'll find yourself with an Easy Order Button in the future. 

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  1. After reading this, I now realise I am not the only one who has to eat something sweet after savory. I honestly thought that I was just an odd ball haha XD I am not a massive fan of dominos to be honest, they seem a little over rated to me (my unpopular opinion) they aren't bad but I love this button thing they do it is really awesome :)