Twenty One Pilots @ Leeds O2 Acadmey


Seeing Twenty One Pilots has been on my list since I first heard "Stressed Out". Kyle made me listen to the song back in '15 and at first I hated it. The lyrics at some points make no sense, and the singer Tyler Joseph sounds like he's talking rather than singing or rapping, but I guess this is what is so great about 'Top'. After a few hours of first hearing the song, it began to become infused within my brain, I had it stuck in my head ALL DAY! This made me research more, only to find that their other songs are just as catchy. They soon became one of my favourites.

Kyle saw they had announced a UK Tour but the closest they were playing to us was Manchester. We couldn't make it there but also, it had sold out so quick that there wasn't even time to decide on whether or not we could attend. We were gutted. 

A couple of months went by and they soon announced more locations, this time.. LEEDS! Kyle booked the tickets without even checking times or dates. Months went by until the 17th of Feb rolled up. I'd just been asked to attend a Google meeting in London to talk about Social Media when Kyle said, "oh yeah don't forget we have Twenty One Pilots tomorrow", so I was stuck with the task of attending this QnA in London and then returning to Leeds to see Top.

I was worried I'd be tired but we arrived at the O2 after the support acts had played and were able to push our way through the crowds of small girls to get a good view for when the band came on. So basically, we didn't see the support acts because I was too exhausted to stand through them and wanted to save my singing voice and my energy to jump around for Twenty One Pilots.

I was shocked at how many young girls were there. The scene reminded me of VidCon. The Girls SCREAMED as Tyler and Josh appeared on-stage. It was crazy. In fact, its what I in-vision a crowd of girls act like upon seeing Justin Bieber. It was crazy because I never expected Top lyrics and songs to appeal to such a young age group. People from ages 8-40 years old were at the gig. It was nice in a way but the whole 'fan girl' act from the crowd was kinda crazy and weird, and because of this young age group there were no 'mosh pits' or crazy dancing (although Tyler kept referring to the dancing tweens as being stood in a 'pit'), please Tyler.. you don't know pits until you've seen Slipknot. The audience also let out an ear piercing scream every time the band did anything including, finishing a song, bowing or even jumping around.. It was unreal.

All of the crazy fan girls did make the gig one to remember though. I'll never forget the look on Kyle's face when the Banshee-like scream first forced itself out of over 200 young girls mouths.

To wrap it up, Twenty One Pilots were amazing. They are one of the bands who sound the same as they do live, and they do on record. They played many songs including 'Stressed Out', 'Ride', 'Tear in My Heart', 'Car Radio', 'Heavydirtysoul' and many many more. I think they pretty much covered both of their albums. Including only ONE line from House of Gold (which Tyler played on a Ukelele) which, really annoyed Kyle as its his favourite Top song.  They did also play some songs that me and Kyle weren't familiar with, but we did enjoy them all nether the less.

As I've said for many other bands, I would definitely recommend seeing these live. If it isn't for their amazing songs, perfomance and looks ;), then at least see them to witness the screaming hoard of tweens.

Happy gig hunting, xox


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